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Meet the team

As well as believing in the unlimited potential of ideas, we believe in the unlimited potential of people. With their extensive expertise and experience in global EPC projects, our management team leads the way to build a better world. Meet the drive, know-how and excellence behind CC7 Europe.


Entrepreneurial, driven and engaged for impact with 25 years in the energy industry.
“Together, guided by passion for excellence, we will create the next.”

Chief Financial Officer

Tackling challenges head-on for 25 years armed with knowledge, resilience and intuition. “Impossible means nothing for those who try hard enough.”

Manager SCM & Contracts

Builder of industries of repute, delivering value for 25 years within oil, gas and shipping. “Teams that share knowledge and always go beyond deliver maximum value.”

Manager IT

Optimistic and positive – focused and rigorous. Gets the job done with exceptional know-how from 25 years of global experience in complex IT projects.

Manager Systems & Tools

Combines passion for technology with extensive knowledge of the latest developments in our industry. “Technology and computing power create great opportunities.”

Chief Commercial Officer

Sees talent, communication tools and powerful software as a springboard for ground-breaking results. “Our focus is continuous improvement – we can always do better.”

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