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Who we are

We think differently

We believe in the unlimited potential of ideas. We know that the true value of any project is the impact it has on the world. New ideas and creative thinking are the key factors in creating projects that have a positive impact, in realizing a better, sustainable future for next generations.

What we believe in

Our essence

Picto vision

Creating a better sustainable future for the next generations.

Picto Mission

We believe in the unlimited potential of ideas. With people, technology and drive we can build a better world. Our end-to-end solutions bridge the gap between today and tomorrow, between potential and reality.

Picto purpose

Creating the next...

Who we are

Our values

picto Human

People driven Organization. We Empower our people and share success.
We are highly inclusive and inspiring.

picto Smart

Innovative vision and intelligent systems combined to create value and effectively manage complexity.

picto Unique

Grow as the centre of excellence of CC7 for future business and international markets.
Identify and promote the best talents, technologies and ideas to offer innovative and effective solutions.

People driven technology

Centre of excellence

CC7 Europe is the centre of excellence of CC7, one of the largest Chinese contractors in the world. We bring state-of-the-art technology and the best minds in the business together from all over the globe. Our office is located in the heart of Europe: The Hague, The Netherlands.

A new player with unlimited potential
In a field dominated by the same known names and the same known methods, we are something new. An EPC company unhindered by the legacy of our past. More flexible and focused on a better future.

Industrial leader

An international team

Our management team is truly international with extensive expertise and years of experience in EPC projects around the world.

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Future proof


Anywhere we work around the globe, we operate with the highest industry standards, just as we would in Europe. Safety is paramount and an ethical approach is non-negotiable.

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